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Pain affects almost one third of the American Population, more people than heart disease, cancer, and diabetes combined. The annual cost of pain is estimated to be over half a trillion dollars.

Some pain is passing, some is persistent. For some pain is a nuisance, for others it is debilitating.  All pain, however, can be reduced with proper care. Methods of pain relief range from mild analgesics like aspirin to strong narcotics. This relief can be greatly augmented through other self-care methods that include mind-body methods like hypnosis, reiki, and acupressure.

First Medicines was initiated as a service to provide hypnosis to alleviate suffering for persons dying from AIDS. That mission has continued to persons afflicted with all manner of suffering around the world. Now, we are focusing efforts to address general pain relief needs through a series of workshops, products, and discounted private care.


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First Medicines is a sponsored project of International Human Rights Consortium ( an all donations are tax-deductible. 

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These programs are designed to train and support individuals in the use of mindbody methods for the relief of pain from a known cause. Any person experiencing pain without knowing its cause must seek the care of a physician before utilizing these programs.

The Five Minute Miracle Audio Program – Free

Listen to this free guided relaxation program for nearly instant relief from stress and discomfort. Developed from work in disaster zones, it has help untold numbers of people gain relief, restoration, and the strength to move on.

Five Minute Miracle Treatment – Free

Schedule time today to experience this full integration of mind and body into a state of perfect well-being. email:  call or text: 310 422 3735

Comfort Zone Audio Hypnosis Pain Relief – Mp3 Downlaod On Sale only .99

Designed to teach individuals pain relief methods to ease nerve pain, several of the most powerful pain relieving hypnotic methods are included in this time-tested audio program.        Listen here for free:


Self Hypnosis Pain Relief Workshop

Learn the Self Hypnosis method that has been used for decades to help individuals relieve both acute and chronic pain. The group setting allows for demonstration and guided practice to help you master your skills. Attend once or repeat for ongoing support.

AcuPoint Self-Care Workshop

Learn the ancient Chinese method of acupoint therapy and how to treat complaints with pressure, heat, bioenergy, and essential oils.

Private Session & Packages 20% discount

Experience profound and enduring relief through conditioning and training in the most up-to-date mindbody methods for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.


My Story with Pain                                                                                                                 a report from First Medicines Director Timothy L Trujillo

I became a hypnotherapist because of pain, my pain. After suffering through years of chronic, knee-buckling back pain, my performance career aspirations were cut short; I suspended my application to Cirque du Soliel. While searching for a meaningful future, I saw a report on the use of hypnosis to alleviate pain and accelerate healing from severe burn. I became enchanted by what my soon-to-be teacher Gil Boyne called “The Hypnotism Fever”, and found my way to the Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles.

In 1995, upon completing my training, I set out to help those in need, first focusing on reducing the suffering at end of life for individuals with AIDS. The remarkable success of this endeavor led me to found Hypnosis AIDS Project (now First Medicines) and enter into a decade-long partnership with AIDS Project Los Angeles and AIDS Healthcare Foundation, as well as several other HIV/AIDS service organizations in Los Angeles. Through ongoing workshops and private consultations, I was able to help individuals experience relief from many types of pain, especially peripheral neuropathy (nerve pain), which was very challenging to treat medically.

The success helping manage neuropathic pain encouraged a student of mine, a physical therapist at Northridge Medical Center, to develop a pilot study using the same self-hypnosis protocol to help persons with full-body neuropathies resulting from spinal cord injuries. Over the following two years, I was astounded as I watched participants for whom morphine only took the edge off intense pain demonstrate the ability to become pain free. One participant, upon experiencing her own relief and learning of my ongoing efforts to help people with HIV/AIDS, invited me to speak about my work at a healthcare roundtable her organization would soon host at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

Following my presentation an attorney for UNAIDS encouraged me to return after conducting a pilot project in the developing world in order to demonstrate the same benefits I had reported achieving in Los Angeles. That mission would lead me first to Guatemala and then to South India in the wake of the great Asian Tsunami of 2004. In India, in addition to observing the benefits of the “First Medicines” in the distress of living with AIDS, I also applied this tool to helping tsunami victims overcome the emotional pain (suffering) from what was termed “Tsunami Trauma Syndrome”, a form of PTSD, that was affecting a large population. I would later write a book about this experience, Tsunami Effect.

Upon my return from India I wrote a brief script utilizing the methods we had found to be effective in bringing relief to the tsunami victims. I printed “The Five Minute Miracle” on postcards with the objective of making the easily-accessible method as available as the American Sign Language cards that I was intrigued by in my childhood.

Months after Hurricane Katrina decimated parts of New Orleans, I traveled to St Bernard Parish to support storm victims experiencing enduring distress while trying to restore their homes and neighborhoods. I combined simple Reiki-based hands on technique with a recording of The Five Minute Miracle and was astounded to see how this direct mind-body method rapidly helped them return to calm and comfort. Since that time I have provided the same treatment to untold numbers in varying degrees of pain and distress and observed near universal relief.

Curious to learn more ways to directly treat complaints, I extended my studies to acupuncture, reflexology, qi gong, and essential oils therapy. Synthesizing all of these modalities, I have been able to provide multi-dimensional relief to persons experiencing pain from conditions as diverse as migraine, joint, muscle, fascial, nerve pain, pre- and post-surgical pain, and many, many more. I even spent almost two years treating postal workers, providing both short- and long-term benefit. These successes have given me both confidence and zeal, fueling my hypnotism fever.

Regarding my own condition, I still have occasional minor and moderate pain from my injury. At these times, I am grateful to be the first beneficiary of the self-care tool kit I have developed.