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Outreach begins with Field Hospital Volunteers

First Medicines began coordinating its initiative with Pierre-Etienne Vannier in Cairo months before the start of the Arab Spring.

With violence continuing during the political transition in Egypt, the opportunity to commence programs remained limited,

but the need was increasing.  Of particular concern was the trauma faced by protesters in Tahrir Square.

Arrangements were made to present programs for field hospital staff via Skype. Facilitated by Mr. Vannier,

the program, “Critical Care Communication”, was presented by Director Timothy Trujillo.

A short video produced from the trainings is presented below:




Training Field Hospital Volunteers in Cairo

The Project Genesis

The First Medicines Arab States initiative was first born through a vision by Pierre-Etienne Vannier to help people living with HIV/AIDS in Egypt, Tunisia, and Djibouti. Working as a business development advocate for persons with HIV for a UN Agency, Vannier thought that there was some way to help these individuals through the tools of Mind/Body Medicine. He began researching hypnosis and studying hypnotherapy through several programs in 2009. He graduated as a Certified Hypnotist with the Omni Hypnosis Training Center (OHTC) and as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner with the American Board of NLP. He studied different advanced techniques with the Universal School of Hypnotherapy in the Middle East (USICH) and the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI). He also took advantage of an adjunct certification course on Hypnotherapy for Immune Disorders taught by Timothy Trujillo.  After completing the course, Vannier contact Trujillo to discuss how these methods could help the people of the Arab States.






Trainee Group at Qasr El Dobbara Field Hospita

Ongoing Trainings and Projects Development

Having successfully completed a series of brief trainings, our next objective is to provide in-depth training for individuals who would like to study the practice of hypnotherapy. Students in Egypt will be offered live classes facilitated by Pierre-Etienne Vannier and directed by Timothy Trujillo via Skype. These classes will review the fundamentals of hypnotism and hypnotic methods, explore advance techniques and therapeutic interventions, and instruct in a myriad of healing hypnotherapy skills.  Attendees will be encouraged to develop their own outreach projects. The program will culminate with a four-week intensive program with both Vannier and Trujillo in Cairo conducting advanced trainings, public information programs, seminars for provider and patient groups, and implementation of student outreach projects.




Trainee group at El Shaheed Alaa Abdel Hadi NGO

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