Five Minute Miracle

The Five Minute Miracle is a simple, yet highly effective program designed to help relieve physical and emotional distress. You can listen to the program right now through the player below, read the script below to a friend, or download the audio file and review the video demo to share the full treatment with others. Enjoy!

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Arabic Five Minute Miracle 

Five Minute Miracle هو برنامج صوتي قصير يساعدك على تجربة الاسترخاء العميق والراحة من الإجهاد. اضغط على play للاستماع باللغة العربية


Japanese Five Minute Miracle



Spanish Five Minute Miracle

The Five Minute Miracle es un breve programa de audio que te ayudará a experimentar una relajación profunda y un alivio del estrés. Pulsa play para escuchar en Español


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The Five-Minute Miracle

Read slowly aloud to a friend-

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Every time you exhale, you naturally relax.

Tune into that relaxation and allow yourself to relax more with each exhalation.

With each breath you may allow a pleasant color to give you a sense of strength and calm.

Allow all the sounds around you, and every thought you have, cause you to relax more.

Imagine that you have imaginary faucets attached to your hands and feet.

Visualize or imagine those faucets opening wide to allow any tension or discomfort to flow easily out of your body.

In your mind visualize, and in your body experience this flow becoming eventually a trickle, and then just a drip.

You can also imagine a faucet attached at any location on your body that you feel you would benefit from greater relaxation or comfort now.

As you continue to release, just allow every muscle and every nerve to become completely relaxed, comfortable, and at ease. (pause briefly)

As you continue to relax, allow a light, airy sensation to flow through you, causing you to feel totally weightless.

Allow this sensation to cause you to feel as though you are floating upward, higher and higher, safely tethered, like a helium balloon or kite attached to a long string.

As you drift, allow this sensation to cause you to release all cares, concerns, or discomforts.

Allow yourself to drift in your mind to a very pleasant place, a place where you feel safe, secure, comfortable, and in complete control.

Allow yourself to experience these qualities of safety, security, and comfort in every area of your life. (pause)

Now I am going to count from twenty to one. As I do, allow your comfort and relaxation to double with each number.

As I reach the number one, allow yourself to settle restfully, right where you are. Allow yourself to remain relaxed and perfectly comfortable from head to toe.

20, 19, 18, now drifting and settling; 17, 16, 15, so relaxed and so at ease; 14, 13, 12, 11, letting calm comfort be yours now;

10, 9, 8…7, 6, 5…4, 3, 2, 1; now let yourself just settle perfectly.

(Allow a few moments of silence)

Now I am going to count from one to five; as I do, allow yourself to return to full wakefulness.

Allow those faucets now to fill you with strength, confidence and well-being and on the number five, allow your eyes to open.

One, this calm comfort is always yours. Two, you express it in every area of your life.

Three, feel strength moving through you, feel confident and more alert.

Four, your eyes now feel as though they have been rinsed in cool spring waters that are refreshing every cell in your body.

Five, let your eyelids open, take a deep breath, and feel a peaceful calm throughout your entire body now.


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The Five Minute Miracle for Sleep Support

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