Each One Teach One: A Five Minute Miracle Report

Cara reads The Five Minute Miracle from the book Tsunami Effect to an injured friend

When my organizational mentor Buzz Young learned of my mission to reduce suffering worldwide, he reassured me that it was not necessary that I directly reach out to the millions in need. “Timothy,” he said, “it is not essential that you engage with one million, only one thousand who will do the same. You will use the strategy of ‘each one teach one’. This method has been used by slaves, prisoners, and activists to promote learning by teaching those who will teach.”

Thus, the mission of First Medicines was enriched by providing a simple intervention that was easy to share with others. This became the genesis of The Five Minute Miracle. When I returned from our project to help tsunami victims in South India, I told an associate, Judith Simon Prager, that I was going to write a brief script that included all of the methods we found effective and print it on a postcard with which we could “paper the world.” Soon afterward, the value of the script and treatment became profoundly apparent in the decimated districts of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Since that time innumerable individuals have found solace through personal interventions, postcards scripts, and the web page on this site. I featured its development in the book Tsunami Effect and included the script on the final pages.

This mission objective was further realized when I received this message recently from a client: “Hey Timothy, this is Cara reporting back a few months later with some ecstatic news, my friend! I am healing very much and back on my own two feet. Thanks to our very powerful healing sessions I feel revamped and revived. I am more than halfway through your book, finally able to digest it all and see it as this incredible tool!! I am happy to inform you that I have been passing along the healing techniques you guided and supplied me with. I have been very much delving into the moxibustion treatment. Since I had this insight from breaking my leg and being disabled it gave me this new perspective.

“When I arrived back safely in Colorado Springs I found out a very close friend of mine had a horrible downhill long-boarding accident. The spinal protector she was wearing was severed in half on a guard rail off the side of a mountain. The protector didn’t survive but she miraculously did. She has been injured for one month and I have been doing treatments since I was informed of the incident.

“She is currently paralyzed from the waist down but since the first treatment we have been seeing very big leaps! This past Saturday I treated her with The Five Minute Miracle and she was able to move her entire left knee outward and her right leg! She touched her toes together in her hospital room today. I just wanted to share and rejoice with you, for I am so SO INCREDIBLY grateful for you and what you do.

Thank you Cara, for being part of the Five Minute Miracle story and the First Medicines mission.

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