Guatemala Return

Sunrise on Lake Atitlan

First Medicines is returning to Guatemala, the land of its gestation. In 2004, in an effort to transform Hypnosis Health Service into a global HIV/AIDS outreach program, I initiated a pilot project to demonstrate the adaptability of hypnosis and other mindbody methods into developing world populations. After ten days on the ground, I left Guatemala with a regenerated program model which became First Medicines. I made a promise to return.

Tsunami, Hurricane, Tornadoes, and other catastrophes have delayed that return until now. Those endeavors included attendance at a Peace Summit and Indigenous Council in Costa Rica in December, 2012 as a delegate with the International Human Rights Consortium (IHRC). While at the Council, I met Tata Pedro Cruz, Elder of the Tz’utujil Maya. He was also a flute player and we became fast friends. He invited me to join him and his community at his home in San Pedro La Laguna, Atitlan. Last year, as Tata Pedro grew ill, I journeyed to San Pedro and was graced to be with him and his community at the time of his departure.

Lenise and I are returning to Guatemala and Lake Atitlan to commemorate the first year since his departure. I have written a book about my encounter with this remarkable Spiritual Guide for both the Maya and the whole world. The return visit will help complete this narrative which is rooted in magic and indigenous wisdom.

Valhalla Macadamia Farm, Antigua Guatemala
With Tata Pedro Cruz, Costa Rica 2012

While in Guatemala, we will reboot the First Medicines project of 2004 with an expanded focus: the general population, particularly those impacted by chronic and debilitating health concerns. We are also excited to see what novel opportunities arise over time.

Valhalla Macadamia Restaurant, Antigua, Guatemala

After decades of adapting the soothing and restorative methods of hypnosis in disaster and health crisis settings across multiple cultural environments, I am excited about this new endeavor. For assistance, I have turned to our long time partner Emilia Aguirre of Valhalla Macadamia Farm. In addition to being part of the Gottschamer team that developed a delicious and nutritious climate solution, Emilia has also created a spa and macadamia beauty product that makes one appear ageless (Emilia is proof).

Considering the joy of being at the paradise of Valhalla, the proper program became clear. On June 25, Valhalla will host the inaugural presentation of How to Have a Beautiful Life. We will offer stress, pain, and anxiety relief resources in a supportive, goal oriented setting, nurturing the dreamed-of existence.

Learn more about How to Have a Beautiful Life 

We want you to be a part of this adventure

Every First Medicines Project has been a team effort and this one is no different. Expressions of support and good will drive our zeal. Therefore, I will be posting regular updates on social media and through emails. Please follow First Medicines and Timothy L. Trujillo on facebook, where I will post regular reports.

Textile merchants in Panajachel

The financial support of our partners has been invaluable in helping to defray costs so we can be fully focused on our mission to support those in need. We are fortunate to have received fiscal sponsorship through the International Human Rights Consortium which allows your contribution to these efforts to be fully tax-deductible. Every donation, small or large, empowers this work.

Learn More about International Human Rights Consortium and donate here (be sure to select First Medicines in dropdown): IHRC for First Medicines

Thank you for your support and encouragement, it really makes a difference.

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